Homeless, Not Helpless......

 People United As One (PUAO) is a not for profit organization located in the City of Detroit. It was started by homeless and formerly homeless people in July 1991. Its mission is to up lift the working poor through counseling, community activism and economic development.

Since its inception, PUAO has worked diligently in enhancing the lifestyle of its target population (i.e. homeless citizens). Some of the major achievements that have been reached by the organization include:

  • Community Housing development Organization (CHDO) Certification
  • Approval and financing of a multi-million dollar affordable housing project
  • Implementation of job-training program
  • Economic Development Projects

Homeless not helpless and building new lives.


Nathaniel H. Thomas Jr.
Founding President/CEO of PUAO.

"You have a choice. Every day you wake up, you can feel sorry for yourself, or you can deal with your situation."